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2bcloud Elevates Tadiran Telecom’s Strategic Legacy to the Cloud

Meet Tadiran Telecom

Tadiran Telecom has stood as a telecommunications titan for over 60 years, providing cutting-edge solutions globally. With a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, Tadiran recognized the need to transition from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud to meet scalability, agility, and security requirements. In a strategic move, Tadiran partnered with 2bcloud, a leading multi-cloud managed service provider specializing in Microsoft Azure, to embark on a digital evolution.

The Challenge

As the cloud revolution reshaped the industry, Tadiran Telecom faced the challenge of modernizing its legacy systems and solutions. The imperative for scalability, agility, enhanced security, and environmental responsibility prompted a move to Azure. This complex migration aimed not only to ensure operational excellence but also to facilitate Tadiran’s expansion into Western Europe.

The Solution

The collaboration commenced with a thorough assessment of Tadiran’s infrastructure by 2bcloud, leading to the development of a customized Azure migration plan. The solution incorporated Tadiran’s entire communication technology suite while integrating green technology principles to align with sustainability goals. This involved the meticulous migration of data, applications, and services, all orchestrated by skilled engineers from both 2bcloud and Tadiran.

The Result

Tadiran Telecom’s migration to Azure delivered substantial benefits:

  • Scalability: Tadiran gained the flexibility to adjust resources, enhancing cost efficiency.
  • Reliability: Azure’s robust infrastructure ensured high availability and reliability, aligning with Tadiran’s commitment to superior service.
  • Security: Advanced Azure security features fortified Tadiran’s defenses against cyber threats.
  • Environmental Impact: Azure’s integration of “green technology” advanced Tadiran Telecom’s environmental goals.
  • Global Reach: Azure’s global presence facilitated seamless communication with regional offices and customers worldwide, including GEO Redundancy between major Azure locations and a new Azure cloud in Israel.

2bcloud’s unwavering support minimized downtime and showcased the potential of cloud technology to revolutionize business operations. This partnership exemplifies how established technology companies can embrace digital advancements and environmental consciousness.

What’s Next

As Tadiran Telecom continues to innovate and lead in the telecommunications industry, the journey with 2bcloud remains a model of embracing digital advancements while honoring a legacy of excellence. This successful migration serves as a beacon for businesses worldwide, highlighting the potential of innovation, environmental responsibility, and the transformative power of the cloud. Connect with Tadiran Telecom today for a communication revolution and witness the ongoing journey into a future of enhanced connectivity and sustainability.