Back to 2b site Adopts AWS as part of Multi-Cloud Environment is a retail market ecommerce solutions provider. Its state-of-the art white label retail platform allows clients to quickly and easily connect to inventory, position their brands to develop customer loyalty, and boost average order value.

Running a large cloud-based operation requires a well-provisioned cloud platform capable of managing the load and delivering peak performance. As a long-term customer, turned to 2bcloud to realise greater operational efficiencies, a feat that can be achieved through modernising their cloud environment. The following challenges were identified:

  1. Limited resilience crippled scalability for and its clients.
  2. A lack of flexibility created a less-than-effective operation and use of resources.
  3. Less flexibility and efficiency resulted in greater operational costs.

2bcloud provided the knowledge and expertise to guide a successful multi-cloud deployment.

“2bcloud’s specialist did an amazing job of helping us identify AWS as the right cloud platform. From working with our US and Israeli teams, to project managing the entire integration, it’s been a pleasure working with 2bcloud and seeing our goals come to life”
Gilad Globen, CTO & VP R&D at

Through scrutiny of’s challenges and requirements, 2bcloud led with the development and implementation of proof of concept based on AWS. The proof of concept proved successful and decided to add AWS to their cloud environment. Working alongside’s US and Israel-based teams, 2bcloud deployed AWS and the following results have been realised:

Speedy deployment
2bcloud deployed AWS using a well-structured and managed project plan and now runs a multi-cloud environment.

Greater capabilities
Adding AWS to’s cloud environment offers greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience, enhancing’s cloud capacity.

Improved performance
AWS offers greater speed and smoother performance, a benefit that’s directly passed onto its clients. In addition, further cloud optimization positions to benefit from long-term cost savings.

Dedicated Support has 24/7 access to 2bcloud’s team of cloud specialists to address any technical issues across their cloud environment.

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