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A CTO’s Journey – Why I Joined 2bcloud

It’s now been a month since I started my new job, as CTO and General Manager of 2bcloud, a leading Microsoft Partner, and many people have been asking me about my journey and how I came to the decision to leave my last position and take on this exciting new role. I wanted to take the time to share some thoughts about my journey and how I got to this point. So, let’s start from the beginning!

I’ve been in the IT and R&D world for almost 20 years, starting out at Microsoft, working my way up from the support center to the IT organization. Back then, I already had a deep drive to learn and grow. I knew that you don’t learn anything on the inside, so I joined a consulting group that was a Microsoft Gold Partner, moving through the ranks from a senior infrastructure consultant to an integration consultant, and eventually a team leader.

With this experience under my belt, I re-joined Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer, which was an intense consulting role with their Premier customers. There was a lot of travel, a lot of high-end projects in Israel, parts of MEA, and West-Europe, working with both small and huge companies in sensitive areas such as military and defense.

From there, I moved across the world to Sydney, Australia, where I took an exciting role with Dimension Data as a Solutions Architect, strengthening my technical experience and getting a feel for the kind of company I wanted to work with long-term, one that was both supportive on a personal level, and cutting-edge in terms of its technology and offering.

The Route to 2bcloud

Fast forward more than 10 years, and I was back in Israel, with many experiences under my belt, including 5 years at Amdocs, and 5 years at my own successful consulting and development company – Cream Digital Services. I was working at Opora, in a challenging and technical role as CTO in pre-emptive cyber threat intelligence, when I received an offer I couldn’t refuse from 2bcloud.

Immediately I could see that it checked all the right boxes for me. The team, the new challenge, the technology – I felt like it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss.

First, the model itself. At 2bcloud, I’m meeting new customers all the time, each with their own technology stack, software architecture, and their unique business constraints and goals. It makes every day interesting. When you’re at a single company working on just one product – it’s a little like eating the same dinner every day!

At 2bcloud, I get the opportunity to use the expertise that I’ve been building over the past 20 years, bringing together the managerial and hands-on experience and putting that to work, consulting on some of the best products out there today, working with incredible customers and consulting on each customer’s own specific cloud transformation journey.

The Unique Trust Model I Discovered at 2bcloud 

Secondly, the 2bcloud culture of trust really appealed to me when I joined the company. When a customer signs up with us, there is no lock-in, they can leave tomorrow. We offer our consultation free of charge – and bring everything that we’ve got to the table to help our customers master the cloud. Only then do we receive a cut of the consumption costs reserved for us by the cloud vendor. This means that our own business success relies on creating a service that the customer loves, so that they stick around. I saw immediately that at 2bcloud, every person gives of themselves freely and expansively to make that happen.

I was instantly attracted to the way that 2bcloud builds relationships with its clients and how our customers give us this trust because of the services that we provide and the expertise that we offer. We get to prove ourselves time and time again with our Cloud budget management (FinOps), our 24/7 technical support, our seasoned Cloud Architects and DevOps Professionals – all specialists who offer true cloud-native expertise. I wanted to be a part of that as soon as I got a taste of it.

Enjoying that Family Feeling

One thing that plays into this, and something that I learned from working in enterprise positions for multiple years, is that I connect much better with small companies than I do large ones. I worked for huge companies and met some incredibly talented people who went on to build massive success stories, but there’s no doubt that in a large enterprise, you’re always going to be a small cog in the system.

At 2bcloud I feel like I’ve come back to that family feeling. Sure, the work, tech, positioning and the strategy are challenging – but when you have good, professional and caring people, it becomes something amazing.

So, after I met with the leadership team, I went through all the numbers, reviewed the books and learned all there is to learn about the customers, I’ve recognized that this was an amazing opportunity and an amazing team, and I knew it was exactly where I wanted to be.

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