we were born to the cloud.


Jul. 2018

Gold Partner

Sep. 2018

CSP/Tire 1

oct. 2018

MSP Expert

Jan. 2020

ISV specialist

Jul. 2020

NY Office

Sep. 2020

Here at 2bcloud, our goal is to act as your technological catalyst. We live and breathe the product life-cycle, so we can guide, teach and update you about all the latest technologies and practices, empowering you to create great products and offer the best services possible.

Why us?

born to the cloud

Being cloud-first means we are constantly at the forefront of cloud technology, and we make sure to stay there.

doing one thing great

doing one thing great

We have deep expertise in working with startups & ISV’s and helping them build cloud environments that take their business to the next level.

widest suite of services

From the onboarding process to ongoing support: we offer a full suite of unlimited services designed to maximize your Azure experience.

From the Startup nation with a startup mentality

We live and breathe the production life cycle. Working with us means moving in quick bursts and getting from code to product at your speed.


Azure Expert MSP

Microsoft partner Azure Expert msp

We are part of Microsoft Azure’s most exclusive club, which demands only the best of its members. Therefore, you can be certain that we have deep knowledge and are constantly refining our skills. Our services are reviewed externally each year and we need to adhere to the highest standards to maintain our Azure Expert MSP certification.

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Azure Web Application Modernization Specialist

Azure Advance App Modernization

We aspire to give you the best, most-advanced Azure experience. Being a certified Modernization Specialist means that we have deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven expertise in migrating and modernizing production web application workloads and managing app services in Azure.

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Azure ISV Specialist

azure isv

This certification means we are essentially an extension of Microsoft. With this certification, we are able to offer services such as:

  • Free assessment and migration to Azure
  • Accessing Microsoft POC and other funding initiatives.
  • Expedited onboarding into Microsoft’s Marketplace
  • Cloud optimization and FinOps consultations
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Our experts will help you migrate, optimize, and launch your application on Azure.

At the same time, our architects and DevOps experts will train your team on best practices, and all the latest technologies for building applications on Azure.

2Bcloud is one of just a handful globally, to own all three certifications.