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Afcon SWS Offers Data Driven Solutions on Azure with 2bcloud

Afcon SWS is the software subsidiary corporation of Afcon Holdings, a parent company specializing in developing and providing technological and site infrastructures. Afcon SWS maintains a large on-premises install base, with the company looking to move from its existing cloud vendor to Azure with aspirations to provide cloud-based decision-making support tools as a frontline product. The solutions would integrate data from operational systems of various industries and verticals, including buildings, security, industrial environments, utilities and more.

Afcon SWS strives to consistently set, achieve, and exceed business objectives and goals, such as improving current user experience, agility and the performance of its cloud-based solution. In turn, the software developer wanted to create innovative and game-changing technologies with best-of-breed compliance and security prioritized. Security took the spotlight in this case, as it was paramount to ensure a safe and smooth user experience for processing user payments.

“Today, thanks to the consultancy we’ve had from 2bcloud, we provide for our customers an advanced, predictive, decision-making platform that focuses on presenting available, reliable, and relevant information. The services are provided on both the enterprise and the operations levels, and based on Big Data, IoT, BI and ML technologies.” – Aviram Arbel, CEO, Afcon SWS

2bcloud was recommended by Microsoft as a partner for Afcon SWS’ migration. 


2bcloud approached the project in 3 discrete stages:

  1. Initial Build: Involving all the DevOps necessary to build the cloud-based solution for decision making and support on Azure, with scalability, elasticity, and business continuity at its core.
  2. Consolidation: Migrating Afcon SWS existing cloud environment to Azure.
  3. Uncovering the true value: In the process of the migration, and as part of 2bcloud’s assessment of the environment, data and infrastructure, 2bcloud assisted Afcon SWS in achieving their goal of taking valuable data and transforming their offering. With consultation, Afcon SWS’s cloud-based solution developed into a data-driven offering, supporting diverse domains and markets.


2bcloud Supports Afcon SWS in Leveraging the True Potential of its Data


  • A Smarter Business Model: With all the data on alerts and notifications intelligently managed inside Azure, Afcon SWS can offer customers predictive insight into how to smartly utilize their own resources.
  • Improved Customer Support: Rather than just present customers with data, Afcon SWS can now offer predictive analytics, root cause analysis, and more, utilizing in-built Azure tools and technologies.
  • Better Infrastructure: Afcon SWS has improved performance, and added a new level of scalability and elasticity to their environment. The robust nature of the solution now guarantees high-level availability and accessibility during peak traffic periods.
  • Seamless security and compliance:  Credit card information can be entered directly to the bank clearing website and does not get stored locally on Afcon SWS’ site, offering easy inherent compliance with PCI-DSS.
  • Future-focused Design: Afcon SWS continues to develop, progress, and grow, with a strong and proven foundation of best practices for over 3 decades and counting. Best-of-breed Azure managed resources have supported their goal to provide the next generation of cloud-based decision-making and support solutions.


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