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Assess, Discover, and Migrate AWS & GCP VMs to Azure

In a dynamic, multi-cloud world adding another cloud to your existing environment or migrating from one cloud to the other, is incisively rising on almost any startup agenda. But, migrating your production environment or even a small test environment, is not an easy task, to say the least.

To help ease the task, Azure Migrate recently added a new feature that allows discovering, assessing, and migrating Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or any cloud, on-premise physical or VMware / Hyper-V machines, to Azure VMs, all in one place.

This feature is another step forward in facilitating cloud mobility and increasing agility by answering basic questions of cost and performance.

Note: Azure Migrate is treating AWS/GCP VMs as physical servers.

assess-migrate (picture source: Microsoft)

assess-migrate (picture source: Microsoft)

As part of assessing the exciting environment, Azure Migrate offers Azure suitability analysis, migration cost planning, and performance-based rightsizing. Support for application dependency analysis (agent-based) is also available. Up to 1000 servers can be discovered per appliance and any number of servers per Azure Migrate project.

For more details, and a step by step tutorial read the documentation.

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