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Better Performers, and Less Cost with Premium v3 App Service Offering

Up until now, the payment for App Service was on a monthly basis with no option for RI. You were able to dedicate a fully isolated environment, to run App Service apps at a high scale, but that meant you had to pay for the whole environment (a lot of extra costs).

Starting November 1st, App Service is introducing Premium v3 (Pv3) offering, which has the option of 1-year and 3-year RI pricing, as well as the ability to leverage dev-test pricing for non-production workloads.

Premium Service Plan pricing

On top of that, v3 brings more competitive price points for dev/test and production workloads, as well as a new 2,4, and 8 vCore options stretch up to 32 GBs of memory.

For example: if you previously used v2 2 vCores you received 7GB RAM and paid $0.4/hr, but if you use v3 2 vCores you will get 8GB and pay only $0.32/hr.

These new, more powerful configurations can handle more apps per instance and better support critical, large-scale operations.

For the full price list of app service, click here

Check out Microsoft documentation to learn more about the new premium V3 option

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