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Introducing Azure Load Balancer Insights using Azure Monitor for Networks

Azure Monitor for Networks, provides a comprehensive view of health and metrics for all your deployed network resources, such as Application Gateway, Virtual Networks, and Traffic Manager- all of this without any configuration. Recently, Azure Monitor for Networks added access to Azure Load Balancer (LB) health monitoring and configuration analysis.

Previously: When you used Azure Monitor for Networks and wanted to get visibility into your Azure LB, you simply couldn’t. You had to go directly to the service in order to get health and any other preconfigured relevant metrics.

Now: Not only that you can now see all the metrics and analysis of all your network resources in one place, but also an Insights blade was added to each LB resource and Azure Monitor for Networks. By clicking on Azure LB application, you can reach the Insights window and get a visual display of your resource configuration. A topological map for all your LB configurations and health dashboards for your Standard LB preconfigured with relevant metrics, free of charge.

The topological map will enable you to get visual feedback on LB rules, Inbound NAT rules, and backend pool resources. Now you will be able to make updates adjustments while seeing a complete picture of your configuration.

For Standard LB, your backend pool resources are color-coded with Health Probe status empowering you to visualize the current availability of your network to serve traffic.

For more information check out Azure documentation.

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