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VMSS — Automatic Image Upgrades for Custom Images Now Available

One of Azure’s leading managed services is Virtual Machine scale set (VMSS), which allows you to create thousands of identical VMs, deploy and manage them while relying on integrated load balancing and autoscaling. Recently, a new feature was added to VMSS that connects it to the Shared Image Gallery service.

Previously: When you used a VMSS and wanted to deploy an image from Marketplace on your scale set OS disk, you could do that automatically. But In case you wanted to create a custom image and deploy it, you had to do that manually, one VM at a time.

Now: You can use the new feature of Azure Scale Set — Automatic OS image upgrades for custom images, to automatically deploy new versions of your custom images to a scale set VMs. The ‘Automatic OS image upgrades’, monitors your image gallery, and once it detects a new image version, it will automatically deploy the new image to the scale set. On top of helping you to ease update management, it will also safely upgrade the VMs OS disk in your scale set.

Note that you have to enable the option of ‘Automatic OS image upgrades’, in order to use it.

Good to know, this feature is now available through shared Image Gallery, which enables you to publish the custom images across multiple subscriptions and regions, versioning and grouping of images as well as the ability to manage a global replication of images.

For more information check out Azure documentation.

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