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We Always Considered Ourselves Experts — Looks Like Microsoft Agrees

There are tens of thousands of service providers that are partnered with Microsoft Azure around the globe. However, less than 70 in the entire world have been recognized as (MSPs) — quite the exclusive list, huh?

So naturally, we at are . It’s a great title and all, really professional-sounding — but what does it really mean?

MSP Experts is Microsoft’s global initiative, aimed at locating, verifying, highlighting and promoting only the most capable of its Azure partners. In short, and in all modesty, it is a list of the best of the best. To receive this status, companies must constantly and repeatedly prove their in-depth technical knowledge and experience in implementing, deploying and managing all the latest Azure solutions and applications. Just like any exclusive club, it is very hard getting into this one.

How to Become an MSP Expert

Here’s What it Takes to Become an Expert MSP

To get this proverbial blue ribbon we had to undergo the Azure equivalent of the Labours of Hercules — a complicated audit that really got into the guts of our operations and examined every possible aspect. The audit is done annually by a third-party for Microsoft. Basically, getting the Azure Expert MSP status means meeting the highest standards of any other Microsoft program. “The best of the best,” as we said earlier.

The annual audit takes more than 250 hours in total and entails a fine-tooth-comb-scan of all Azure-related services provided by 2Bcloud. Among the things that were looked into:

  • Proof of customer success (through references and case studies)
  • Data security, protection, and compliance
  • Web application modernization
  • Level of employee expertise, including Azure certifications
  • Quality of migration services
  • Workload deployment and Azure App services implementation
  • Quality of architecting cloud solutions and design
  • Cloud operations and service management

And it’s not a one-off. We undergo this process every year to make sure we still meet the qualifications.


Our Expertise is Your Success

Being part of a tech mammoth such as Microsoft, it is no wonder Azure is one of the most popular cloud computing services in the world. However, to take full advantage of the great variety of possibilities Azure can provide, deep understanding and expertise are required. It’s not just about using Azure. MSP Experts such as ourselves can help you use a variety of tools and complex solutions such as K8S, Docker, Azure ML, Cognitive Services, IoT Hub, Azure Function, and many other cloud-native apps while creating the architecture that is right for you and considering all of your scaling needs.

We know, there are literally thousands of options for clients to choose from. We know we’re tooting our own horn here, but having the Expert MSP badge should tell you that with us, you are guaranteed the highest level of service.

“We are pleased to recognize 2bcloud as our Azure Expert MSP. Let me take a moment to thank them — they have invested in people, process, operations and technology to build and harness deep Azure knowledge and service capabilities. “

Bruno Delamarre, General Manager, One Commercial Partner and SMC, Microsoft MEA.

Our Expert MSP status tells our clients the simple truth: We are at the top of our field in every possible aspect, globally. We offer top-notch service, which includes both personal attention and care and the technical expertise to guide you and assist you through the creation, operation, and management of your cloud environment.

Our deep knowledge and constant refinement of skills mean we know how to use all the latest Azure releases and updates in order to help you get more out of your Azure. No matter your business needs, if they can be done on Azure, we will help you bring them to fruition using the Azure platform and various other dedicated tools and addons.

Lastly, our exclusive status means that we are in close contact with Microsoft — and our personal relationship is your personal relationship. With 2Bcloud, you can be certain that even if you have unique needs, we will go out of our way to ensure you will get whatever you need from Azure. That’s our promise to you.