2bcloud Architects Housetable’s Secure AWS Environment, Providing Compliance & ML Functionality

2bcloud Architects Housetable’s Secure AWS Environment, Providing Compliance & ML Functionality

Housetable uses AI and Data Science to predict what customer’s homes will be worth after renovation, to support users in securing financing that takes into account the real value of their property. With its AI-powered renovation intelligence, customers can enjoy a 100% digital experience with quick application via mobile app, dynamic approvals, and integrated payments both from banks and directly to contractors.

Housetable knew that it wanted to build its solution on AWS, and asked AWS for a recommendation for a cloud partner to support its growth. The company needed an MSP who could provide:

  • Deep expertise: This was a brand-new initiative, and Housetable wanted it to be built correctly from the ground-up.
  • Smart security: Housetable had precise needs for access control and segmentation of environments.
  • Inherent compliance: Working with sensitive PII, Housetable knew it would need to comply with PCI regulations ISO 27001 and SOC.
  • Cost efficiencies: Housetable was working on credit, and wanted to streamline and optimize costs from day one.

2bcloud worked with Housetable to build a secure, optimized cloud environment

After a recommendation from AWS, Housetable told 2bcloud its concept – which was a rough idea of how they wanted to implement the project, and what the product would look like. Over several sessions, 2bcloud advised the business on how to shift the architecture to meet compliance requirements, and also how to ensure they could get the features they needed using best-in-class AWS tools and technologies.

The project was an evolving one. For example, in order to expedite response for the web interface part of the solution, 2bcloud encouraged Housetable to incorporate a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with DNS (R53) and also recommended the use of s3 as a storage solution, allowing access from other accounts to the output from AWS SageMaker.

“2bcloud is so much more than just tech support – they have become our trusted advisors on the cloud, truly a part of the team. By using AWS real architecture guidelines and a smart FinOps methodology, they have streamlined the whole process of landing on AWS, and built an optimized environment to reduce costs and take our original concept to the next level.” Gabriel Deutsch, co-founder and CTO, Housetable.

Thanks to the partnership, Housetable now benefits from:

A complete data science environment: 2bcloud has supported Housetable in becoming proficient on AWS SageMaker, and in developing the algorithm and machine learning tools on the back end to launch the three elements of the solution – their customer mobile application, admin portal, and contractor portal.

A fully redundant and secure architecture: The cloud environment has been built on AWS with best practices, ensuring it is fully redundant in case of a disaster, and is working in the most effective way possible.  Housetable has both a Data Science account and a Development account with staging and production soon to be deployed.

An automated environment: Built with Terraform to ensure cloud agnosticity and ultimate flexibility, 2bcloud has built the Development account with automated processes in place to enable speed and business growth. By utilizing a staging environment, Housetable can complete a dry run without customer data, to securely test the system before production.

A clearly separated environment for access control: 2bcloud chose to design the environment away from the idea of a single account with six regions, to six clearly defined accounts instead. This was in order to keep to AWS requirements for separating functionalities. This means that all employees have exactly the permissions they need, without opening the environment up to unnecessary risk.

A future-focused readiness for compliance regulations: The environment has been designed with secure separation of environments, firewalls, logging and more – everything Housetable needs in order to get the regulatory approvals they need when they move to production. Working with PII is no longer a concern, and doesn’t need to add risk or slow down business as usual.

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