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Empowering Accessibility: The Allyable Journey with 2bcloud on AWS

Meet Allyable

Allyable is not just another tech company; they are pioneers in digital accessibility, driven by a mission to empower enterprises in implementing and leveraging digital accessibility for maximum market growth. Their CEO, David Adi, inspired by his own journey with disability, leads a team dedicated to ensuring equal online access for all. What sets Allyable apart is their product-based approach, focusing on cutting-edge technology paired with comprehensive education to make accessibility and compliance achievable for any team.

The Challenge: Migration to AWS

Allyable, with its innovative platform, needed a robust cloud infrastructure to support its growing clientele. Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) was crucial for scalability and performance, but it posed significant challenges. From setting up AIM roles to configuring security tools and optimizing network performance, the migration process was intricate and required meticulous planning and execution.

The Solution

Enter 2bcloud, a born-to-the-cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) renowned for its expertise in AWS. Recognizing Allyable’s unique needs, 2bcloud crafted a tailored solution to facilitate a seamless migration. Leveraging their unlimited cloud technical consulting service, 2bcloud provided Allyable with access to certified Solution Architects, ensuring every aspect of the migration was meticulously planned and executed.

Working closely with Allyable’s team, 2bcloud implemented a comprehensive infrastructure on AWS. They set up AIM roles, enforced stringent security measures, configured essential services like Amazon ECS and RDS for SQL Server, and optimized network configurations for maximum performance. Additionally, 2bcloud implemented cloud cost optimization strategies, ensuring Allyable’s cloud spending was efficiently managed without compromising on performance or security.

The Result

Thanks to the collaborative efforts between Allyable and 2bcloud, the migration to AWS was a resounding success. Allyable’s platform now resides on a scalable, secure, and high-performance cloud infrastructure, empowering them to serve their clients better while adhering to stringent accessibility and compliance standards. With 24/7 engineer-to-engineer support from 2bcloud, Allyable can rest assured knowing that any technical issues will be swiftly addressed, ensuring uninterrupted service for their clients.

What Next

With the migration complete, Allyable is poised for even greater growth and impact. The robust foundation laid by 2bcloud on AWS provides the scalability and flexibility needed to accommodate Allyable’s expanding client base. Moving forward, Allyable plans to leverage their enhanced cloud infrastructure to further innovate their platform, bringing digital accessibility to new heights and continuing their mission of inclusivity and equal access for all. As they embark on this next chapter, Allyable and 2bcloud stand ready to tackle any challenges that come their way, united in their commitment to excellence and accessibility in the digital realm.