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Empowering Bridgewise’s Financial Revolution with 2bcloud’s Cloud Expertise

At 2bcloud, we take pride in our commitment to helping visionary companies like Bridgewise transform their business through innovative cloud solutions. Bridgewise is on a mission to redefine the equity research industry by harnessing the power of advanced AI, making financial insights more accessible and reliable than ever before.

The Challenge: Bridgewise’s Vision and Cloud Needs

Bridgewise’s ambitious goal was to become the industry standard for equity research worldwide. They sought to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to provide comprehensive, accessible, and unbiased coverage of over 44,000 stocks across 134 exchanges. Their vision was clear: make high-quality stock reports readily available to active investors globally and enable them to make informed decisions confidently.

However, Bridgewise faced significant challenges. They were processing vast amounts of data from various sources and needed to automate their Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes, and the AI algorithm to rank the assets and generate the analysis. which were previously handled manually on-premises. This automation was essential to scale their operations efficiently. Furthermore, they were developing a smart chat-bot based on their ranking and analysis, powered by SageMaker ML models, to enhance customer interaction.

The 2bcloud Partnership: Cloud Expertise Unleashed

2bcloud partnered with Bridgewise to tackle these challenges head-on. Our role was to help automate their data processing using AWS Glue, a tool new to Bridgewise. Together, we established a stable ETL automation process, initially testing it on a few data sources to ensure functionality. The ultimate goal was simple: integrate Glue into Bridgewise’s cloud workloads efficiently.

In parallel, we collaborated on the chat-bot project. The objective was to develop a smart chat-bot that would enhance customer interactions. We leveraged SageMaker ML models to achieve this. Our joint efforts resulted in the successful creation of a functional chat-bot, which became an essential tool for Bridgewise’s website

Measuring Success: Achieving Bridgewise’s Goals

Success for both projects was straightforward. For the ETL automation, it meant fully utilizing AWS Glue as part of Bridgewise’s cloud infrastructure. On the chat-bot front, success was defined as seamlessly integrating SageMaker into Bridgewise’s cloud environment.

Both projects met these criteria, enabling Bridgewise to deliver financial insights more efficiently. With automated data processing, they could generate reports with greater speed and accuracy. The chat-bot improved customer interactions, providing valuable assistance.

Addressing Bridgewise’s Unique Needs

Bridgewise’s commitment to information security, exemplified by their ISO 27001 process, was a crucial factor in our partnership. We understood their need to consume AWS services from the Security service group, aligning with their rigorous security standards.

Furthermore, we provided guidance on optimizing costs, a top priority for Bridgewise. By identifying and eliminating unused instances and duplicated resources, we helped them achieve cost-efficiency without compromising their operations.

A Bright Future Ahead

Today, Bridgewise is well on its way to becoming the industry standard for equity research. With 2bcloud’s cloud expertise, they have automated critical processes, enhanced customer engagement, and ensured the security of their financial data.

As they continue to optimize their costs and expand their reach, Bridgewise remains dedicated to its vision, and 2bcloud is proud to be their trusted partner on this remarkable journey of financial innovation. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of equity research, one AI-generated report at a time.