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From Concept to Scale:’s Journey with Azure and 2bcloud

Meet Promo:, initially launched as Slidely in 2012, has become a key player in the digital marketing sphere by providing tools that empower small businesses and agencies to create impactful visual content. Transitioning to in 2016, the company set out to disrupt traditional video marketing with a user-friendly, browser-based video editor designed for quick and effective video creation. Their revolutionary product, PromoAI, leverages artificial intelligence to enable even novices to produce a month’s worth of marketing videos in just minutes.

The Challenge:

As ventured into developing their new product, PromoAI, they aimed to utilize Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service to harness the power of AI in video production. However, constructing a new infrastructure for such an advanced AI-driven platform presented significant challenges. The company needed a robust, scalable system capable of handling intensive AI tasks without delays or complications, a critical requirement for ensuring a seamless user experience and effective product deployment.

The Solution:

To address these technical requirements, partnered with 2bcloud, known for their extensive experience with Azure and Azure OpenAI Service. 2bcloud’s deep understanding of cloud-based AI solutions allowed them to implement a new, optimized infrastructure specifically tailored for PromoAI. This collaboration included the creation of a custom load balancer for AI model endpoints, which significantly enhanced the handling of network traffic and system responsiveness, setting the stage for high-performance AI video generation.

The Result:

With 2bcloud’s expertise, successfully launched the PromoAI platform, which quickly scaled to handle tens of thousands of video generations per day. This capability led to a dramatic increase in user engagement and allowed to achieve over $1 million in new annual recurring revenue within just five months of launching PromoAI. The robust and scalable infrastructure also resulted in a 40% improvement in customer retention, underscoring the effectiveness of the new system in supporting PromoAI’s growth.

“Partnering with 2bcloud and leveraging Microsoft Azure has been a game-changer for This collaboration has not only accelerated our growth but has fundamentally enhanced our ability to deliver a seamless and powerful video creation tool to our users. Azure OpenAI Service integrated seamlessly into our operations, empowering us to push the boundaries of AI in video marketing. We’re not just creating videos; we’re crafting experiences that empower businesses to tell their stories effectively and efficiently.” Yariv Azatchi, Chief Technology Officer at

What’s Next:

Looking forward, plans to expand the capabilities of PromoAI by introducing more diverse video types and integrating additional AI-driven features such as voiceovers and subtitles. These advancements will enhance the platform’s usability and appeal, making it even more accessible to users with varying needs and preferences. Continuously supported by 2bcloud, is poised to remain at the forefront of AI-driven video marketing innovation, driving further growth and success in the industry