Kubernetes on Azure

A successful startup must scale!

Kubernetes simplifies many aspects of running a service-oriented application infrastructure. Along with modern CI/CD deployment tools, Kubernetes provides the basis for scaling these apps without huge engineering effort.

cloud native computing foundation

cloud native computing foundation

"Containers have become the norm, reaching 84% use in production in 2020"

How do we do it?

Step 1

-AKS fundamentals workshop
-Understanding your challenges, problems, and market opportunities
-Design of target deployment architecture
-Design of CI/CD pipelines


Step 2

-Setup repository
-Build scripts – docker, orchestration
-Packaging and container registry
-Cloud automation provisioning
-Azure DevOps setup

Step 3

-DevOps CI/CD pipeline with automated tasks
-Test run, validation, verification
-Release management workflow
-Deploy AKS cluster into production
-Production support