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Migration to Azure from on-prem: Dror Israel

About Dror Israel:

Dror Israel is a pioneering educational movement whose mission is to effect meaningful, long-term educational and social change in Israeli society in order to promote solidarity, social activism, democracy and equality. We aim to form the grassroots nucleus of an exemplary society in Israel based on the vision of the prophets of Israel and the founders of Zionism.

Dror Israel emphasizes participation from every sector of Israeli society, including Ethiopian and Russian immigrants, Arab Israelis, Druze and Bedouins, and middle class and working-class communities. In the past decade, Dror Israel has established 16 Educators’ kibbutzim in the social and geographic periphery of Israel. There are currently 1,500 young adults living in these kibbutzim, all in their 20s and 30s, who work daily in the organization’s educational, cultural and social activities with over 100,000 children, teens and adults.

Challenges & Solutions:

We are living in an age of breath-taking transformation, where cloud technology is at the core of how the world will do business.

The first stage for 2bcloud to gain a comprehensive understanding of Dror’s current architecture.

The migration scenario was rehosting Windows servers on Azure.

This process converted on-premises performance metrics to the cloud, providing the company with recommended right-sized instances for each workload, predicted performances for those workloads, and the cloud costs for each workload.

This provided them with an accurate TCO and picture of performance in the cloud, enabling them to make their decision to migrate faster and with confidence.

2bcloud proposed to move Dror to the cloud in a “lift-and-shift” operation, moving everything over to the cloud “as is”, in order to get up and running on cloud as soon as possible, and avoiding downtime for the Users.

“Today we understand that by migration to the cloud we can ensure better our business continuity with the option of Disaster Recovery, we can Choose from 450 global regions and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator is estimating the cost savings.”

The project included testing and preparing enterprise infrastructure for the cloud infrastructure, designing and setting up a cloud environment, performing server migration, setting up new servers, performing automated processes using Azure Automation solution, Azure services training and environmental management.


“We have much faster access to our data and the solution allows users to set up a trial account in no time.”

2bcloud: “For us, it is about guiding you through the journey to the cloud, not just providing the technology.”