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Polytex Leverages 2bcloud’s DevOps-as-a-Service to Create Robust CI Pipelines

Polytex is an innovative AI-based workwear management solution, offering reliable total-care services for laundry dispensing and return, including accurate usage tracking, just-in-time delivery and distribution, and a hands-free, fully automated hygienic process for its customers.

Polytex had an Azure cloud environment, and were using DevOps, but wanted to boost their ability to work according to best practices. They knew that there were additional benefits that they could achieve by using a CI/CD pipeline, including leveraging continuous integration and delivery to create a rapid release cycle, introducing new code quickly and easily so that features and updates could reach their end-users faster. Currently, each environment had its own dedicated pipeline which was adding a certain amount of overhead and friction. 

While Polytex was aware that they could do more with DevOps, they wanted to outsource this challenge so that existing staff could focus on core business value, and therefore needed a partner who could take the challenge off their hands and help them re-architect their environment.

Microsoft knew 2bcloud was the right partner to offer DevOps-as-a-service for Polytex


After an introduction from Microsoft, Polytex turned to 2bcloud for their DevOps-as-a-service offering. 2bcloud took the role of an experienced DevOps team, reviewed all of their pipelines, arranged and architected them according to best practices, deploying and versioning the code as necessary.

2bcloud re-architected the whole Polytex environment according to best practices


“2bcloud service was exactly what we needed. Their work allowed us to have a continuous integration pipeline that enabled us to deploy quick fixes at one of our most crucial times.” Oren Srulevich, Software Group Director, Polytex.

Since Polytex started working with 2bcloud, the company now has:

A solid foundation: With best-practice architecture to work with, the company has now hired a DevOps engineer to manage the environment going forward.

Robust CI pipelines: Following the re-creation of pipelines to enable CI, Polytex can now benefit from continuous integration and delivery pipelines, offering rapid delivery cycles and zero downtime for the business.

Smooth process: Each pipeline deploys into both development and production, saving the operational overhead and making deployment far simpler and more streamlined.

Ongoing consultation and support: Polytex has a partner in its Azure cloud journey who they can turn to with any issues or questions about their growth.

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