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PolyWizz cuts cloud costs by 60%, and gains full visibility into security posture with 2bcloud on AWS

PolyWizz is an InsurTech company offering an end-to-end solution that automatically collects and analyzes customers’ pension and insurance portfolios upon customer approval, helping sales teams identify the customers who are most likely to buy and the most relevant products to offer them.

The company had built their cloud solution in-house, and was looking for a managed partner who could provide added value, initially in cost optimization and cloud security. Moving forward, PolyWizz was looking for a long-term strategic managed partner on the AWS cloud who could support them with best practices and help them to grow. In particular, the company was looking to gain:

  • Visibility: Ensuring they could understand where costs were coming from, and the behind-the-scenes nature of their AWS cloud environment.
  • Performance: Making sure that cost savings didn’t come at the expense of the speed of development or customer experience.
  • Modernization: Improving the state of their cloud with high-quality FinOps and security know-how for faster and more streamlined growth.
  • Security: With a full risk assessment which would provide the peace of mind that there were no vulnerabilities in their AWS environment.

2bcloud has become a partner in PolyWizz’s growth, supporting the business hand in hand

After an introduction, 2bcloud began an embedded FinOps process that provides visibility into PolyWizz’s cloud environment, initiating insight into how the company could reduce their monthly cloud costs. Through multiple deep-dive sessions, 2bcloud introduced the business to third-party and in-house solutions such as Cloud Health that could reduce the spend on existing resources, and shift others to become more cost-efficient and operationally efficient, too.

One of the value adds of working with a managed partner is their vast network of partnerships and relationships. 2bcloud was able to pinpoint the right solutions for the development environment of the customer, including connecting them to Wiz for cloud security. This connection was extremely valuable for PolyWizz, who could get a full view of all misconfigurations or vulnerabilities in their cloud environment – and take the relevant action.

“Of all the decisions I’ve made about our cloud environment, working with 2bcloud is one of the best! In a really short time we’ve seen a lot of results, including more robust security and huge cost savings. I’m delighted with our choice!”  Tzafrir Kagan, CEO, PolyWizz. 

The partnership is ongoing, and yet PolyWizz has already seen impressive results, including:

  • 60% reduction in cloud costs: By modernizing, reallocating and rearchitecting resources, 2bcloud has cut cloud costs for PolyWizz by 60%.
  • Full visibility into vulnerabilities: A comprehensive report that found precise vulnerabilities that needed immediate attention.
  • A strategic partner for cloud growth: 2bcloud is now a valuable partner in PolyWizz’s success, continuing to advise and work on all other aspects of the cloud.