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Revolutionizing finance: FINQ’s AWS migration with 2bcloud’s expertise


In the fast-paced world of finance, FINQ is challenging the status quo. Frustrated with the outdated practices of traditional financial intermediaries, they’ve pioneered a science-based investment platform. FINQ’s vision is to allow anyone to become a smart investor, not only the rich and privileged, by providing transparent, 100% objective, practical investment solutions with any sum of money. FINQ’s unique approach to data allows it to sit above the market’s products, collate this data, analyze it, and provide financial insights and rankings that help drive informed decisions for every risk level. Their products include a full continuous S&P ranking plus three stock portfolios that have and continue to outperform the market. Each portfolio serves a different investment strategy.

FINQ is already working on its next line of products that will utilize its technology in building mutual funds and ETF portfolios.

FINQ, is not just a financial platform; it challenges the norms of traditional finance. It’s not just part of the merger between finance and technology; it’s leading it. By skillfully integrating AI’s power with traditional financial acumen, FINQ has developed a strategy that renders several long-established methods outdated.

Furthermore, Eldad’s fusion of Israeli high-tech expertise with global financial market insights has birthed a platform that empowers individuals with the tools previously reserved for the elite. At the heart of FINQ lies its commitment to generating value for the end customer, the individual investor, by replacing limited and biased human intermediaries with the unbiased prowess of artificial intelligence through its STOCKS-AI that collects a vast amount of data from professional expertise, crowd wisdom, and industry fundamentals to provide it’s different portfolio rankings. It’s not merely about investments; it’s about offering tools and financial insights once only available to financial juggernauts, so that every investor can access high-end algorithms and technologies. FINQ is not just an innovator; it’s a catalyst for change in an industry ready for a transformative leap into the future.

The challenge

As FINQ embarked on this transformative journey, they faced the challenge of migrating their infrastructure to AWS. Recognizing the need for a reliable partner, they turned to 2bcloud, a born-to-the-cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in working with fast-growing, cloud-native startups.

The Solution

The migration plan was meticulous, and divided into phases for optimal execution. In the initial “Preparations” phase, detailed assessments were conducted, including gathering infrastructure and application details, understanding security requirements, and creating a lucid chart-based architecture. This laid the foundation for a successful migration.

Moving on to “Infrastructure & Deployment,” 2bcloud’s experts, along with FINQ’s team, orchestrated a series of tasks. This included architect support, setting up AWS AIM roles, configuring Terraform modules, creating security measures with AWS WAF, deploying an EKS cluster, database migration to Amazon RDS, and implementing essential tools like Nexus and ArgoCD. The entire process was managed and documented, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The result

The implementation phase saw the transformation of FINQ’s infrastructure. From networking configurations, storage solutions, and monitoring tools to database configurations and security measures, every aspect was carefully addressed. The team conducted thorough testing, including performance testing, tuning, and stress tests. FINQ’s databases smoothly migrated to AWS RDS, and the DNS zone seamlessly moved to Route53.

2bcloud’s FinOps Managed Service played a pivotal role in optimizing costs, providing detailed insights into cloud spending, and ensuring financial and operational performance control. The AWS Config, S3 bucket configurations, and services to EKS migrations were seamlessly executed, showcasing the depth of expertise brought by 2bcloud.

What next?

With the successful migration to AWS, FINQ is now poised for greater heights. The synergy between FINQ’s innovative investment platform and 2bcloud’s cloud expertise sets the stage for a dynamic future. The collaboration doesn’t end with migration; 2bcloud continues to provide support, including unlimited access to certified Solution Architects, 24/7 engineer-to-engineer support, and ongoing FinOps managed services.

As FINQ continues to disrupt the financial industry with AI-driven solutions, 2bcloud remains a steadfast partner, ensuring that FINQ’s cloud environment stays robust, scalable, and optimized for future growth. Together, they’re shaping the future of finance in the digital era.