Get the most out of your cloud with next-generation managed services.

We believe in continuously adding value.

From the onboarding phase to ongoing consulting and engineering support, we help you use a variety of tools and complex cloud solutions to create great products.

2bclodu tech consulting

Consulting & Engineering

An ongoing, unlimited process. We help jumpstart your cloud, provide ongoing consultations, and even help optimize and modernize your cloud through cloud training.

Cloud Jump Start

Comprehensive dive into your existing requirements, and an assessment of your environment in terms of business, function, and technicality (infrastructure, security, network, and application environment).

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Cloud Architecture & DevOps Consulting

Technical consulting from a dedicated cloud architect who specializes in the design and
implementation of complex infrastructures, offering a comprehensive view of the solution.

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Cloud Training

Team training on new multi-cloud services, best practices, and guiding principles tailored to your exact business needs and challenges.

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2bclodu tech support

24/7 Technical Support

Technical support from a professional and qualified team that offers top-tier support and SLA with engineer-to-engineer support.
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What our clients are saying

“For a startup like ours, we want to move fast, close the gaps with our customers, and provide as much feature functionality as we can. AKS lets us manage our platform environment in both an agile and safe manner”.

Idan Pinto | CTO &VP R&D | Syte

2bcloud cloud cost

Budget Management & Optimization

Continuous cost monitoring and proactive management to optimize your cloud operation and cost. Get clear visibility of your cloud spending, along with tools and recommendations to effectively optimize your cloud performance.
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2bclodu DevOps services

DevOps as a Service

Extend your organization’s DevOps capabilities with highly experienced DevOps professionals that specialize in the design and implementation of complex infrastructures with a comprehensive view of the solution.
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Cloud Technology

It’s not just about using Cloud

The right cloud-managed service providers (hint: like us!) can help you use a variety of tools and complex solutions such as: Kubernetes (K8S), Docker, Terraform, ML & IoT platforms, server-less technology, and many other cloud-native apps in your multi-cloud environment. We will create the architecture that is right for you and take all of your scaling needs into consideration.


Modernize & Kubernitize your App infrastructure using our expertise. Gain better control over your App infrastructure while allowing for more flexibility & scale to enable business continuity & growth.

Data & ML

Gain deeper insights and scale up your big data projects. We will help you to design and run different types of Data & Analytics frameworks that can handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to solve complex business challenges.


Use our IoT expertise and a wide range of multi-cloud solutions for IoT management to collect and stream data coming from your IoT devices and get real-time analytics.


Introduce the CI/CD lifecycle to give you a faster time to market by automating your entire architecture using tools like: GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCI, and more advanced DevOps tools.