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We believe in continuously adding value.

From the onboarding phase to ongoing consulting and engineering support, we help you use a variety of tools and complex cloud solutions to help you create great products.


Our onboarding practice is divided into three main stages, designed to make sure you get the most out of your cloud.

  1. Comprehensive overview and assessment: Examining the existing workload, core area architecture, infrastructure, networking, security, infrastructure as a code (automation), CI/ CD, Data Platforms, cloud native application and more.
  2. Architecture Designed specifically for your environment. Building a detailed work plan (SOW) for the transition of cloud resources to Azure.
  3. Ongoing support: Advising, supporting, managing and implementing the work plan (SOW) for migrating cloud resources to Azure.

Consulting and Engineering

Once you are onboarded, our team of cloud experts will provide you with unlimited services.

Cloud Architecture and DevOps Consulting
Technical support from a dedicated cloud architect, who specializes in the design and implementation of complex infrastructures, offering a comprehensive view of the solution.

Azure Training
We will train your team on new Azure services, best practices and guiding principles tailored to your needs and  challenges.

24/7 Technical Support

Local support from a professional and qualified team that offers top-tier support and SLA. 2bcloud has a Microsoft Advanced Support agreement that offers the following benefits:

  • Top-level SLA
  • A dedicated POC at Microsoft when necessary
  • Access to a high-level Microsoft team of experts

Budget Management (FinOps)

We will prepare cloud consumption reports and alerts according to different business KPIs (BU, Customers, Environment, Resources, etc.). This will allow visibility of your cloud budget spending and provide you with continuous monitoring and management of your environment, which will enable you to control and optimize your financial and operational performance.

Cloud Optimization

We will perform a quarterly review of your cloud environment and provide recommendations for streamlining your architecture and cost-effectiveness.

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are saying

"Having 2bcloud as a knowledge partner helps us better understand our challenges and goals and provided effective best practices to keep us moving in the right direction"
Ido Ivri | Co-Founder & CTO | Zencity

cloud technology

It’s not just about using azure

MSP Experts such as ourselves can help you use a variety of tools and complex solutions such as Kubernetes (K8S), Docker, Terraform, Azure ML, Cognitive Services, IoT Hub, Azure Function, and many other cloud-native apps. We will create the architecture that is right for you and that takes all of your scaling needs into consideration.



Modernize & Kubernitize your App infrastructure using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). Gain better control over your App infrastructure while allowing for more flexibility & scaling to enable business continuity & growth.

Data & ML

Data & ML

Scale up your big data projects, run massive ML models, and get better online analytics with Azure data & analytics service tools like Cosmos DB, Data Lake storage, Synapse, Data Factory, and Azure ML.



Use Azure IoT Hub to collect and stream data coming from your IoT devices, in order to get real-time analytics.



Introducing CI/CD lifecycle will enable you a faster time to market by automating your entire architecture using tools like GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCI, and Azure DevOps.