2bcloud Supports Voyager Labs on its Multi-cloud Journey to Co-sell Status on Azure

2bcloud Supports Voyager Labs on its Multi-cloud Journey to Co-sell Status on Azure

Voyager Labs is a world leader in Artificial Intelligence for the investigation space. Their solutions can be deployed both on-prem and on the cloud, and they work with agencies and clients worldwide. Recently, they have been selected as the winner of OSMOSIS “Open-Source Technology Innovation of the Year” and as the winner of “Best AI Industry Solution for Intelligence” in the 2020 AI Breakthrough Awards program.

Before achieving Microsoft Co-sell validation, the cloud deployments ran solely on AWS. Understanding the immense potential in teaming up with a leading cloud vendor such as Microsoft and the benefits of being able to offer their customers another cloud-based solution, they decided to enter a co-sell program with Microsoft. 

For Voyager Labs to have achieved Microsoft co-sell status, they had to adapt their suite of solutions to run on Azure and have their solution listed on the Azure marketplace. 

Challenges Voyager Labs faced: 

Familiarity: Voyager Labs had to familiarize themselves with Azure, and they were starting from scratch. They needed a fast ramp-up to get their platforms deployed efficiently. 

Complexity: There were many different new tools to understand for this major project- from the application side to databases and beyond. 

Quality: Quality at the highest level is their top priority. This meant their Azure environment needed be held to the same high standard as their existing AWS infrastructure in networking, security monitoring, logging requirements, and more. 

Support: A multi-cloud strategy is important for Voyager Labs, and they needed a partner to advise on operational requirements and educate the business at all levels. 

2bcloud provided the knowledge and expertise to guide a successful multi-cloud deployment. 

“2bcloud’s engineering teams worked hand-in-hand with our own engineering team. With the knowledge and the best practices of 2bcloud experts, we now have the confidence we need to grow and evolve on Azure” said Andrey Ostrovsky, VP R&D, Voyager Labs. 

2bcloud worked closely with Voyager Labs to deploy parallel architecture and to educate the stakeholders on different tools in Azure. Results included: 

Quick deployment: Voyager Labs has successful deployments on Azure and is listed on the Azure Marketplace. This was done under a tight schedule, allowing them to quickly get SaaS products up and running on Azure to serve the needs of their customers. 

Strong business impact: Voyager Labs achieved the Microsoft co-sell status and now already has several customer platforms running on Azure. Moreover, they recently announced their partnership with Microsoft to provide AI SaaS Investigation Platforms to Empower Public Safety. 

Interested in working towards achieving co-sell status on Azure? Let’s talk. 

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