2bcloud Supports stor.ai with AWS Adoption in Multi-Cloud Environment

2bcloud Supports stor.ai with AWS Adoption in Multi-Cloud Environment

Stor.ai is a leading ecommerce solutions provider serving the retail market. The company offers a state-of-the-art white label retail platform that enables retail clients to quickly and easily connect to inventory, position their brands to enhance customer loyalty, and boost average order value. The Stor.ai platform and services team helps retailers navigate the digital journey and achieve the promise of omni-channel personalization and immersive commerce (icommerce) while delivering measurable improvements in transaction counts, sales and loyal customers.

Stor.ai faced several challenges in their cloud-based operation, including limited resilience, lack of flexibility, and inefficient use of resources, resulting in greater operational costs. If not addressed, these challenges would have impacted the performance and reliability of the Stor.ai platform, leading to dissatisfied customers, lost business, and a decline in revenue. In addition, inefficient use of resources could have resulted in increased costs, reducing the company’s profitability.

To address their business and technology challenges, Stor.ai turned to 2bcloud, a cloud solutions provider, to help modernize their multi-cloud environment and improve operational efficiencies. 2bcloud provided Stor.ai with a comprehensive cloud solution designed to enhance their resilience and flexibility and reduce operating costs. 2bcloud began the development process by designing and implementing a proof of concept based on AWS. The proof of concept proved successful, and Stor.ai decided to add AWS to their cloud environment. 2bcloud deployed AWS using a well-structured and managed project plan that accelerated deployment.

The primary AWS services used in the solution include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). EC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud, allowing Stor.ai to easily scale their server capacity up or down as their business needs change. S3 provides secure and durable object storage for Stor.ai’s data, ensuring that it is protected and always accessible. RDS makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud, allowing Stor.ai to easily manage their database requirements.

2bcloud’s solution helped Stor.ai overcome the challenges of limited resilience, lack of flexibility, and high operational costs by modernizing their cloud environment with AWS. As a result, Stor.ai now operates a multi-cloud environment with greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience, which enhances their cloud capacity. They have also achieved significant improvements in performance and speed, which are directly passed on to their clients. Additionally, Stor.ai now has 24/7 access to 2bcloud’s team of cloud specialists to address any technical issues across their cloud environment, providing them with dedicated support and peace of mind. This successful collaboration enables Stor.ai to continue offering cutting-edge solutions to their clients while maximizing long-term cost savings.

The 2bcloud solution has provided several benefits to Stor.ai, including faster deployment and enhanced cloud capacity. The multi-cloud environment also enables Stor.ai to benefit from long-term cost savings through cloud optimization. The addition of AWS to Stor.ai’s cloud environment indicates has resulted in a significant improvements in cloud operations:

  • Rapid deployment of AWS using a well-structured and managed project plan
  • A multi-cloud environment with greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience
  • Improved performance with greater speed and smoother performance for clients
  • 24/7 access to 2bcloud’s team of cloud specialists for technical support
  • 50% reduction in operational costs
  • 60% reduction in provisioning time
  • 75% reduction in time required to set up a new client
  • 80% reduction in time needed to integrate with new clients
  • 100% uptime SLA achieved
  • Rapid response to critical issues with fewer errors
  • Better handling of seasonal traffic spikes and greater operational efficiencies

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2bcloud is a born-to-the-cloud next-gen managed service provider (MSP) that works with fast-growing, cloud-native startups. 2bcloud leverages its multi-cloud expertise working with AWS to help customers grow revenue, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and deliver scalable experiences. The company’s field-proven technology stack is backed by deep experts and includes managed services, cost optimization, expert consultancy, and 24/7 technical support.

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