Flight to the Clouds: Black Rabbit’s AWS Migration Tale

Flight to the Clouds: Black Rabbit’s AWS Migration Tale

Meet Black Rabbit:

Black Rabbit is a prominent travel tech company renowned for its world-class post-booking platform, serving millions of users globally. Their platform empowers passengers to manage their flights independently, from changing bookings to selecting seats and adding extras like baggage or meals. Black Rabbit’s approach hinges on data-driven decision-making, with self-developed back-office products supporting continuous research and innovation.

The Challenge:

Black Rabbit, though thriving, faced the daunting task of migrating their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This migration required meticulous planning, seamless execution, and minimal disruption to their services. With a complex architecture and a high volume of user interactions, ensuring a smooth transition was paramount.

The Solution:

Enter 2bcloud, a born-to-the-cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in assisting fast-growing, cloud-native startups. Armed with deep expertise in AWS and Azure, 2bcloud offered a comprehensive suite of services tailored to Black Rabbit’s needs.

The migration process kicked off with thorough preparations and a Proof of Concept (PoC) phase. This involved assessing Black Rabbit’s existing infrastructure and applications, creating a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), and designing the architecture using Lucid Chart. In the SOW, 2bcloud committed to providing unlimited access to their team of certified Solution Architects (SAs), who would offer expertise in areas such as architecture design, network configurations, security, data management, and DevOps best practices.

With a clear roadmap in place, 2bcloud’s SAs collaborated closely with Black Rabbit to craft a migration strategy aligned with their goals. This strategy encompassed various phases outlined in the SOW, including configuring AWS accounts and landing zones, deploying services on Amazon ECS and Lambda, setting up IAM roles, configuring monitoring tools like CloudWatch and X-Ray, and optimizing costs through strategies like Reserved Instances and Savings Plans.

Throughout the migration journey, 2bcloud’s engineers provided round-the-clock support and guidance, ensuring each step was executed seamlessly. From configuring Amazon RDS for SQL Server to deploying Amazon ElastiCache instances and configuring Web Application Firewalls, every aspect of the migration was meticulously planned and executed according to the SOW.

The Result:

Thanks to the collaborative effort between Black Rabbit and 2bcloud, the migration to AWS was a resounding success. Black Rabbit seamlessly transitioned their infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted service for their millions of users. With enhanced scalability, security, and performance offered by AWS, Black Rabbit was well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

The meticulous planning and hands-on support provided by 2bcloud not only facilitated a smooth migration but also empowered Black Rabbit with newfound capabilities in the cloud. With unlimited access to 2bcloud’s team of experts and comprehensive support services outlined in the SOW, Black Rabbit could confidently navigate their cloud journey with ease.

What’s Next:

With the migration complete, Black Rabbit sets its sights on further innovation and growth. Leveraging the capabilities of AWS and the ongoing support from 2bcloud, they aim to accelerate product development, enhance user experiences, and expand their global footprint. As they continue to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of travel technology, Black Rabbit remains committed to delivering excellence at every turn, with 2bcloud by their side as a trusted partner in their cloud journey.


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