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Migrating to the Cloud is Only Step One. Who’s Keeping an Eye on Your Costs?

85% of enterprises now have the majority of their workloads in the cloud, with almost all companies embracing a cloud strategy, whether that’s a private cloud on-premises, or a multi-cloud strategy using public cloud providers. Sounds like a win for digital transformation, right? 

Well, partly right. It’s worth noticing that adoption of cloud is not the same as optimization of cloud. This is especially true when it comes to costs, and According to the Flexera Cloud Trends report 2020, organizations were over budget by an average of 23% in 2020, and expecting cloud spend to jump by 47% in 2021. 

COVID-19 has increased organizational reliance on cloud computing, for everyone from small start-ups to mighty enterprises, but without the right cost-saving approaches in mind, the average company may see their cloud strategy burn out right before their eyes. 

It’s not all Doom and Gloom

Luckily, these costs are far from being a necessary evil. In fact, companies estimate that they waste as much as 30% of their cloud spend, on average. The most important item on the 2021 roadmap therefore, is making smart decisions to cut the waste, and channel resources effectively to make cost optimization a viable business strategy. 

At 2bcloud, this is our bread and butter. Our Azure architects have deep knowledge of how to set up and manage your cloud infrastructure with both performance and cost savings in mind. While each customer environment is unique, and deserves its own clear roadmap for success, here’s an overview of what we can offer for B2B SaaS start-ups. 

  • Analysis: We organize your infrastructure so that we can analyze the Azure reports and recommendations effectively. This starts with naming resources, establishing resource groups, and using tags to their full potential.
  • Alerts: Underestimating the importance of Azure budgeting is a mistake we see a lot of customers making. We set up budgets, thresholds, alerts, and stakeholders that suit your unique business context, so that you never get a surprise at the end of the month. 
  • Reporting: Azure offers pre-built reports as standard, but only a managed partner can deep dive into these recommendations and see which work for your business goals. Whether it’s turning to reserved instances, shutting down VMs, or handling IP addresses, we’ve got your back. 
  • Getting Granular: Up to date with Azure recommendations but still not seeing the savings you would like? Our architects can go deeper, looking at each specific VM and its metrics, such as databases, storage, disks, or bandwidth. 

Our latest white paper on cost optimization looks at the 2bcloud approach in detail, and lists the five most common recommendations that we make to our customers who are looking to optimize their budget on Azure. We also discuss how you can manage change effectively, and streamline your costs all the way from migration to re-architecture, and beyond.


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