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Zencity Takes its Cloud Architecture to the Next Level with 2bcloud to Help Meet the Increased Demand of the US Election

Zencity provides tailored solutions for local governments with actionable insights based on organic user-driven content, connecting the dots of online and offline content to provide accurate community feedback. For Zencity, using 2bcloud to optimize their Cloud Architecture was essential to maximizing their success.

The company was already on Azure and was a graduate of the Microsoft for startups program. However, it had built its ecosystem early on and was now growing fast. As a result, its data environment wasn’t fitting their needs, both in terms of cost optimization and also for scaling to meet the customer demand. With US elections right around the corner, Zencity knew there would be an increase in traffic from social media and that this would be essential to capture at greater scale and speed than they could achieve with their existing infrastructure.

Microsoft recommended 2bcloud as the right partner to support Zencity in their growth

2bcloud started with a deep-dive session into Zencity’s environment, and utilized expertise from data architects and engineers to suggest smart recommendations for restructuring data. Using Azure’s hot and cold tiers, Zencity made intelligent behind-the-scenes changes that made their architecture more flexible, increasing elasticity and supporting operations. At the same time, these changes optimized their monthly cloud spend.

On the evening before the US elections, as part of the preparation for the spike in workloads, 2bcloud worked to add monitoring and logical scale-out capabilities, so that Zencity could monitor the increased traffic and implement rules for the spike in activity.

Zencity was able to effortlessly scale to meet an immediate need, and looking ahead – gained a true partner for growth

“Having 2bcloud as a knowledge partner helps us better understand our challenges and our goals and provides effective best-practices to keep us moving in the right direction” – Ido Ivri, Co-founder and CTO, Zencity

By working with 2bcloud, Zencity has taken the next step in its journey as a start-up, moving from an initial cloud architecture that suited their early needs, to a more scalable, flexible, and intelligent architectural deployment that’s built for growth. Benefits include:

Minimal impact on the business: Despite the peak in traffic during the US elections, Zencity was able to keep up with the demand, and meet governmental and municipal needs during this essential time.

Restructured architecture: Zencity now has a flexible, available, elastic architecture that’s ready to scale alongside its own growth and success.

Cost optimization: Zencity has saved between ~20% from their monthly cloud spend, thanks to smart implementation of data storage and management on Azure.

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